June 25, 2015

    Nowadays it’s pretty common for people to ask me about the success Ivey League MMA has experienced over the years.

    Mostly it’s other martial arts school owners looking for insight and what they can do to bring their own programs to that tough to reach “next level”.

    I wish I had some kind of magic formula or secret to our success but sadly I don’t. I just do the normal things everyone else does but with one major difference: we stick to the plan and follow through.

    I think we’ve been successful here at Ivey League for a number of different reasons but the most important one, the one reason that’s lead to our success I believe has been having a well thought out game plan and then sticking to it.

    Sticking to it and following through is key for success in anything by the way.

    Too many martial arts schools will make a game plan, and many of them make really good plans too, but few stick to it.

    They start out doing everything right and sticking to the plan sure. But as time goes on they start slipping further and further away from that plan.

    Successful programs or businesses all have faults, Ivey League is no different. However, what separates the best programs from the rest is they’ve got less faults, and in less important areas.

    They’ve got a solid game plan as to how all the classes should be conducted and they stick to that plan as best they can.

    The less then good martial arts academies I’ve worked with rarely stick to the plan. They base the day to day operations on how they feel or what the mood of the hour is.

    That’s not planning. That’s more like just functioning. Successful programs can’t work well when the direction of the game plan is thought out during the morning shower.

    Better planning and sticking to those plans equals better results over the long haul. Show me any martial arts that’s successful and I’ll be quick to point out how they stick to a well laid out plan.

    We work hard here at Ivey League. My wife Teresa and I put in at least 75 hours a week working on and in the business.

    We try hard to stick to our game plans, for both the business and overall martial arts training courses. We’re not perfect by any means.

    We screw up all the time, that’s part of the job. We just screw up less then most places do 🙂

    So if you’re a martial arts school owner reading this and you’d like to know what it takes to play ball with the big boys now you know.

    Enjoy some cool youtube videos I posted below. Not related to this blogs subject but whatever, after all it never hurts to study up.

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