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February 3, 2016

    Yes I know it’s still winter and all, If I wasn’t sure about that believe me that 2+ feet we got a few weeks back proved it.

    True it’s only February but for many parents, now’s the time to start planning out your child’s upcoming summer.

    I’m sure you’d like your child to be spending their summer time having fun, making friends and all that good stuff, but also doing productive activities that help keep them sharp for the fall school year.

    Keep this in mind: Kids get into the most trouble when they’re left home alone. That’s a fact. Combine nothing to do all day but play video games with lots of downtime more often than not leads to trouble.

    This is where our summer camp can really help. It’s win-win, your child stays out of trouble while at the same time benefiting from all that martial arts has to offer.

    Martial arts builds confidence, focus, discipline and teaches self-defense skills that can help them deal with bullies and tough situations.

    If nothing else it’s definitely worth a look. This could be something your child could really use.

    We offer all-day summer camp services for kids ages 5-13.

    We keep the kids busy with martial arts classes, field trips, swimming, arts and crafts, gymnastics and an assortment of other fun activities.

    It’s a great way to keep your child active, off the sofa and out of trouble.

    If this sounds like something your child could benefit from please contact us ASAP because this camp like all the others will sell out. It’s first come, first serve.

    We’re currently taking RSVP’s and holding interviews with potential parents and kids. You can RSVP by calling us at 443.949.7208 or just reply to this email (info@iveyleaguemma.com), ask for Miss Sarah.

    Please ask for Miss Sarah as she heads up the 2016 summer camp.

    The summer of 2016 is looking super fantastic already!

    –Master Danny and Staff
    P.S. See below for this cool summer camp 2015 video Miss Chrissy did.

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    Free Trial for You (and Your Child)