August 29, 2016

    Based off the feedback we received during our focus group meeting we’ve decided to make some changes to our current class schedule.

    Now don’t lose your mind because these are only small changes but ones that needed to be made.

    I assure you it’s definitely not a complete overhaul or anything like that! Just three classes and that’s all. Those classes are the Boot Camp and BJJ Comp Classes.

    Boot Camp Fitness Classes will go from the current time of 6:45pm to the new 5:45pm time slot.

    Again, the new times for Boot Camp Co-Ed Fitness will be Tuesday and Thursday @ 5:45pm. The days remain the same, only the start time has changed.

    These new class times will go into effect on Tuesday 09/06/16 and will replace the old time of 6:45pm.

    Classes will run around the normal 50-55 minute time frame, so no change there.

    The reason we’ve changed the boot camp class times was due to an overwhelming demand from folks wanting an earlier starting time.

    That and at a time that also allows them to workout while their child is taking class in the upstairs training center.

    The other class time we’ve changed is the Thursday night Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Team Practice. The new time for that class will be 8:45pm, still on Thursday nights.

    This new time replaces the old 9:30pm time slot. The focus group convinced us that a 9:30pm class was just too late for most working adults.

    We all think 8:45pm will work much better for everyone. This also gives you a chance to start with MMA, than do the Wrestling class and finally, get that BJJ training in.

    All of the suggestions we got from students made total sense to us and because of your help, we’re better able to give our students what they wanted/needed.

    We hope these new class times work well for everyone’s schedule. If you need to see the schedule at any time please go to the following link :

    If you’ve got questions about the boot camp classes, new schedule or just questions/feedback in general please feel free to reply to this email.

    Have a super fantastic day!

    –Danny Ives and Staff
    (443) 949-7208

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