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March 18, 2016

    Happy Friday everyone! I’m guessing Friday is most people’s favorite day of the week so enjoy it.

    Things are rocking and rolling around here which is great because February was a pretty low-key month for us. Alright well on to the news…

    Some Much Deserved Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Promotions Went Down.

    Anyone who trains in or knows a thing or two about the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ for short) knows that moving up the belt rank ladder isn’t easy.

    Unlike most martial arts styles that hand out belts like candy, in most BJJ schools you’ve gotta do it the hard way, by EARNING THEM!

    It takes most people 10-15 years to attain the rank of black belt and you can’t be under the age of 18. Black belt is reserved for adults, not a 5 year old, as it should be.

    Before I talk about who got promoted please see below for a full rundown of the BJJ ranking system that we use here at Ivey League MMA and is the standard with the IBJJF, which controls the BJJ world.

    Kids Belts go as follows:


    Once a child reaches the age of 16 only than will they be eligible to be ranks in the following adult belts:


    Now if someone were to start taking BJJ classes at say age 22, they’d skip the kids belts and start at white and work their way up the adult belts.

    Does all that make sense? Good, now let’s talk who got bumped up in rank!

    Congrats to longtime students Mouth Garlington (Green), Brandon Dolezal (Purple), Connor Shaw (Gray) and Brody Gallant (Gray)!

    There’s nothing easy or fast about being promoted in BJJ, especially by me. Thanks for all the hard work, some blood and yes some tears along the way.

    You guys rock. See pics directly below and more at the end of this blog.

    jujitsu belt rankings
    Brandon or better known as “Big B” moves up to Purple Belt.

    Mouth and family right after he was promoted to BJJ Green Belt.
    Mouth and family right after he was promoted to BJJ Green Belt.

    The Referral Prize Contest Returns!

    To show our gratification to our many great members who over the years have helped us grow from this tiny idea into what’s now the largest MMA Academy in the Annapolis area, we’ll be running referral prize contest that could net you $500!

    The contest works like this:

    Refer a friend, family member, or anyone else to Ivey League and if they become a member (enroll in one of many programs offered) you’re name will then be entered into the cash prize drawing.

    This prize drawing is set to take place on April 18th, that’s the Monday after our good friend Jon Delbrugge fights for the Shogun Welterweight title.

    We plan to do the drawing after the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mixed levels class at 8:00pm. That’s the upstairs training room FYI.

    On top of the cash prize you could win also keep in mind that we’ve got a fantastic referral program already in place for any student who refers a new person to Ivey League.

    You may have seen that big spin wheel we keep downstairs. If not don’t worry it’s pretty hard to miss.

    if you refer someone and they join you get a spin on our awesome prize wheel where you’ll be able to win a number of different items.

    Anything from new boxing gloves to martial arts uniforms to private lessons can be won with just a spin of the wheel.

    Long story short: Tell people about us, if they become a member you’ll be entered into our prize drawing for the $500 in cash and you’ll also be able to spin our prize wheel for a chance to win some cool stuff.

    Thanks again for helping Ivey league become the #1 MMA School in Annapolis! We couldn’t do it without you guys.

    Ivey League Competition Team Takes To The Mats Tomorrow at the New Breed

    This Saturday (3/19/16) Ivey League students will take to the mats in Millersville MD to compete at the New Breed Grappling Tournament.

    It’s rare for us to have a tournament so close to our doorstep. We plan to take full advantage of this with many students and their family members attending.

    This is a great chance for those interested in maybe competing one day to see how it all works. That and cheer on your teammates of course.

    The more that can make it out the merrier. I’ll be away this weekend at the NCAA Wrestling Finals sadly but it’s all good because I’m sending Miss Chrissy up there to coach.

    If you need anything or have questions about this tournament please email Miss Chrissy at

    I don’t believe in luck but what the hey, I’ll just say it, GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

    All the details needed to attend including start times and the address can be found at the New Breed website. Click the link below.

    The last thing to talk about is pretty simple. Normal schedule for all classes, both kids and adults during all spring break sessions.

    For those parents needing extra care for the little one(s) we also offer all day services for kids during the break. That goes from 8am till 6:30pm.

    We go on field trips, do martial arts, play games and do stuff outside with the kids like flag football. If this sounds like something your child would like please contact Miss Sarah at (443) 949-7208.

    Alright that just about covers it. Have a super fantastic Friday and weekend. Oh and for my comic book nerds like me, be sure to check out Netflix Daredevil season 2…that’s gonna be super sick!

    BJJ Promotions
    New Gray Belt Connor Shaw.

    Wild child Brody "Cement" Gallant is pictured here with his new Gray Belt and Coaches Chrissy and Katniss.
    Wild child Brody “Cement” Gallant is pictured here with his new Gray Belt and Coaches Chrissy and Katniss.

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