July 3, 2013

    Hey guys! Coach Spencer here, yesterday (July 2nd 2013) I went to Hershey Park with the kids from the summer program at Ivey League.

    The whole gang had a ton of fun, there were roller coasters to ride and games to be played but most of all laughter to be shared.

    For those of you who don’t know, Hershey Park is a good 2 and a half hours away from the gym. The entire summer program was divided up into multiple cars to convoy up.

    Some students slept in the car ride to and from while some listened to their music or talked to their friends. When we got there, man oh man, the feeling of being able to stretch out our legs was amazing.

    We all gathered by the frpont gate to make sure we had every one and once the headcount was completed, boy lemme tell ya, the kids faces just lit up cuz they knew it was time to have some serious fun.

    Mike Garlington (Mouth), AJ Garay, Anthony and Adrian Pico and myself got into line for the newest roller coaster “Skyrush” which had a line that was insane but once we got onto the roller coaster it was well worth the wait.

    right after we got off we went to grab some lunch with the rest of our group but then it was back into the action and some more roller coasters.

    But believe it or not some kids were still hungry so a small group of us headed back to the cars to get our lunchboxes while the rest of the summer program made their way over to the water park for some fun in the water.

    It started to rain while we were there but we didn’t let that slow us down. Around 5:45 we all got into our cars and made the long trip home.

    My car was the first group back to the academy which was an arrival of 8:30 pm. I still think I should get a trophy for being 1st back to the academy 😉

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