June 3, 2014

    First thing first! Big congrats need to go out to longtime fighter and student Jeff Blachly and his lovely wife Jaclyn on the birth of their son, Colton Mark Blachly.

    Little Colton Blachly was born this morning (06/03/14) at Anne Arundel Medical Center. Obviously myself, the staff and our student body couldn’t be more excited for the Blachly family.

    Oh and I’ve got a feeling it won’t be very long before we see the newest Blachly edition on the mats training. You know what they say, like father like son!


    Big shout out to Coach Danny Song for giving an amazing wrestling/takedown seminar this past Saturday. Coach Danny covered tons of effective drills and techniques all geared at you getting on top in a fight. Some of the techniques he taught included:

    • Double Leg
    • Snap Down/Go Behind
    • Angle Changing
    • Driving & Finishing on Leg Attacks

    Now if we can just get the students to put in that extra drilling time we should have a “leg up” on the competition!

    wrestling classes
    Silly Face Group Shot Following an Amazing Wrestling Seminar w/ Coach Song

    Also last Saturday we hosted a BBQ for all our students and their friends/family. This was to celebrate Ivy League’s 6 year anniversary, which were both excited and proud of.

    Over 80+ people came out to enjoy great food, games and nice weather right here at our main location. It reminded me once again that Ivey League MMA wouldn’t be what it is today if not for so many great people we come into connect with day in and day out. Thanks so much, you guys rock!

    During the anniversary party we also handed out some awards to a few of our most hardcore and dedicated students. These students lead by example and because of this Ivey League and all that follow are better off today then we were yesterday.

    The awards handed out and those who snagged them are listed below:

    • 2013 Most Improved Student in Muay Thai Kickboxing – Maria “Flash” Garay
    • 2013 Most Improved Student in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Kyle Rocke
    • 2013 Competitor of The Year – Michael “Mouth” Garlington
    • 2013 Student of The Year – Katniss Crino

    Congrats to all that won! I should mention that picking these students didn’t come easy. Some runner ups in each category were Cara Thomas, Mark Saunders, Jacob Miller and Tony Peranio.

    Danny Ives gets ice water dumped all over him! Fine, it's all good he's still the master of corn hole!
    Danny Ives gets ice water dumped all over him! Fine, it’s all good he’s still the master of cornhole!

    Now on to upcoming Events for Ivey League Mix Martial Arts. Get that info be reading below…

    NAGA Grappling Tournament in North Carolina This Weekend

    This weekend our competitor of the year winner and solid yellow belt Mouth Garlington heads down to NC for the Naga Grappling Tournament. That’s on June 7th.

    I’ll (Coach Danny) be tagging along to coach the little tomato can and who knows, maybe if everything goes as planned Mouth can come back with some new hardware. That hardware in my mind should be in the form of 1st place medals!

    Summer Time in The City of Annapolis…My oh My What Are We To Do With Ourselves….

    Summer time for me means time to take action and by action I mean take our kids skills to a whole new level.

    With that said, our 2014 Kids Martial Arts Summer Camp is upon us! I know it’s hard to believe but in just two short weeks the summer training begins. Three workouts a day with a good mix of swimming, movies, laser tag and of course the old standby, dodgeball!

    I sure do hope that all kids signed up bring the “A Game” and are ready to put in some hard work. Hard work and at the same time having the time of their little lives! Summer Camp starts on June 16th, 2014.

    **Mom and Dad!!** Don’t forget about our parent orientation sessions. These orientations are required for our parents to attend. You don’t need to make both, just one of them. The days and times for the orientations are:

    Friday, June 13th at 5:30pm
    Saturday, June 14th at 9amBoth sessions will be held downstairs in the media room. For those not in the know that’s the all white room that the kids play video games and watch movies in.
    Two New BJJ Blue Belts Around Town – Congrats to Mark Saunders and Tony Peranio!
    bjj classes in annapolis md
    New BJJ Blue Belts w/ Danny Ives. Tony’s on The Left and Mark on The Right. Congrats Fellas!
    Yup you heard right. We gots ourselves some fresh BJJ blue belts around these here parts. A few Monday nights ago I promoted two of our best and most awesome students from the rank of white belt to new blue belts.Mark and Tony both earned these belts the hard way, with lots of blood, sweat and tears on the mats and out in the field.Because of this, blue belts came their way.After watching them wreck havoc on the other white belts for some time now I thought maybe it was time for a promotion. I think those who got beaten up by these nut jobs would agree 🙂
    Okay I think that just about covers it. If I missed something shoot me over an email or comment below. I’m always up for feedback.

    Have a super fantastic Tuesday everyone!

    –Coach Danny Ives
    Owner & Head Instructor of Ivey League MMA

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