February 14, 2016

    As I sit here on my lazy boy on this very cold Sunday morning, I can’t help but think about our kids tournament team, who’re out in California competing at The Pan Kids BJJ Championships.

    This is the first year I haven’t gone with them to Pan Kids. Instead, I sent the very capable Misses Teresa and Chrissy to hold down the fort.

    You know what, It’s better that i stayed home. Better for my overall health anyway. Each trip to Pan Kids has shaved at least ten years of my life.

    And given me a head of hair that’s almost completely gray.

    I’d be lying if I said I was keeping it cool and staying mellow. No I’m pretty much the opposite of that. Not cool and calm at all.

    I’d say I fall more into the category of walking ulcer. Yeah that’s about right.

    People tell me all the time that I shouldn’t get this stressed out over the kids competing.

    And you know what, they’re absolutely right, I shouldn’t get so worked up, but guess what, I do! I can’t help the way I get.

    I care, a lot, and when you sink as much time and effort as I do coaching these kids you can’t help but feel the pressure.

    Now don’t get me wrong, yes I’m also super excited and pumped for the kids to be doing what they love, competing in BJJ.

    So I’m both I guess. I’m very Excited and at the same time a nervous wreck. It is what it is.

    Question: Is it harder to compete or to coach?

    For me I think coaching is way more difficult than competing ever was. I never got this stressed out over myself, never.

    As of right now I’ve been coaching for 16 years and still to this day I get so much more nervous when others compete compared to myself.

    Coaching is tough, and not everyone is cut out for the job. It’s your job to take someone from being nothing more than a lump of clay and turn them into a sculpture not unlike something Michelangelo would make.

    Coaching and teaching is a twin edged sword really. You’ll get a ton of stress but at the same time lots of joy and happiness.

    I know for me I love coaching. I love working with both kids and adults and seeing them do well, both in the practice room and in tournaments if they happen to compete.

    But as much as I love it at the same time I’ve gotta admit, coaching is way harder than competing ever was. At least for me.

    But why is that? Why’s it so much more difficult to coach than compete? I’ll tell you why.

    When I competed I knew I could win. I believed in myself. I was a natural competitor I guess you could say.

    But when I’m coaching someone else and all I can do is yell out advice, It’s no longer in my hands.

    It’s all on them. You’ve got to put your faith solely on your student. The good news is if you did your job and trained them well they should win more than they lose.

    As a coach, I’m a super micro manager, so letting go and putting the situation in someones else’s hands, that’s a tough pill to swallow. I’ve met other coaches who feel the same way.

    I want all my students to win. Nobody likes to see their fighter lose. But sadly no one wins all the time. Sooner or later a loss will come around.

    It’s going to happen and when it does, it’s no fun for coach or student.

    Losses stink but at the end of the day I try to focus more on the positive, the success, progress, wins, titles, all that good stuff.

    Alright well I’m gonna get off the computer now and try to relax some. Pan Kids won’t start for a few more hours so now it’s time to play the waiting game…and keep calm. Keep calm…deep breathes.

    I’ll be sure to keep everyone updated with results from Pan Kids. Check in at the Ivey League MMA Facebook page for the latest news, https://www.facebook.com/AnnapolisMartialArts/

    Oh and check out the pic below of the kids getting in a solid training session at the New Breed Academy in Los Angeles.

    The kids got in some great training thanks to our friend and awesome dude Johnny Remirez!
    The kids got in some great training thanks to our friend and awesome dude Johnny Remirez!

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