Mike Ciesnolevicz, Former UFC fighter

I highly recommend Danny Ives as a coach. He has played a very significant role in my growth as a Mixed Martial Artist and was my first real Jiu Jitsu/MMA instructor. Throughout my time in the UFC and IFL I’ve used many principles and techniques he taught me, which included me being awarded two submission of the night honors in the IFL as well as two IFL World Team titles. I won my UFC debut by submission also, and alot of it goes back to my time spent studying under Danny in the past. To this day I still give Danny phone calls when I have technique questions. I owe alot to him as an instructor and friend.

Amy Dvorak, Computer Engineer from Cape St Clair, MD

I’m feelin’ the burn tonight!! And it feels good – I can’t wait to get in shape and have more energy, and when you are sore from working out, there’s another bonus – it’s a physical reminder to stop and think about what you’re eating.Thanks for changing your life to help others, Coach. You are helping me and others live longer for their kids and for themselves, and have fun in the process. Just like you say, you’ve gotta start somewhere, & I’m going for better health, & a strong body. With your help, I feel like I can get there. By the way, I really enjoy your Kickboxing instruction!

Mike Easton

Danny Ives is the man! If you’re looking for high-level martial arts training, then look no further than Ivey Legue MMA!

Bridget Avila, Mother of 3 from Arnold, MD

Boot Camp at Ivey League MMA is like a breath of fresh air. Each class is very challenging. Our coach changes up class to work different areas of your body, it helps to keep you motivated. She pushes you harder and harder each class. Just when you think you can’t do another rep, she gives you a reason to keep going. She also is in tune with the group, she keeps a close eye to ensure you are properly performing the exercise so as to not injure yourself. It helped me take away good techniques from the class, the personal attention is appreciated I felt like I had a personal trainer. Thank you!

Emily Boyce, School Teacher from Annapolis, Maryland

The Women’s Bootcamp classes you’ve lead reminded me my mind is really the only thing stopping me from exceeding my perceived physical limitations, and it’s my choice to give up or give it my all.Our small group of women has felt like a team since day one, which has been an abundance of support and encouragement. There’s definite comfort in knowing we’re all in the same boat, and also sense of wanting to make sure I’m doing my share of rowing! I’ve enjoyed the variety of work outs and always appreciated the choices you’ve offered (i.e.: weights, modified movements) to help me meet my individual goals. I also think it’s fantastic you’ve expanded on classes by explaining how we can do circuits at home using regular household items. These classes have provided an opportunity to teach my children (and myself) the importance of taking care of and challenging oneself. They have also been a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to hear what you have planned for the future! Thank you again!

Melissa Ellis, Severna Park, MD Accountant, Full time mother of two

Ivey League’s Boot Camp workouts are like a breath of fresh air. Each class is challenging but at the same time fun and encouraging. She changes up each workout so you get to work different areas of your body, it helps to keep me motivated. The whole staff tend to stay very in tune with the group, and keeps a close eye on everyone to ensure they’re properly performing the exercise and understand the workouts. I know it helped me learn good workout techniques during the class. Oh and even though these are group classes I always felt that the personal attention I receive makes it feel more like I’d hired a personal trainer then taken a group class. Thank you Ivey League for everything!

Laura Coe, Teacher and Soccer Coach from Pasadena, MD

Boot camp and kick boxing was a bit intimidating for me but when I heard that it was strictly for women, I gave it a shot.Now that I am two weeks into this, I have more energy, am feeling better about myself and am more determined to become healthier and become the athlete I used to be! Ivey League women’s boot camp and kick boxing is the reason why!!!

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