February 5, 2016

    Anyone who’s ever taken a class or two in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will surely tell you, it’s not the easiest martial art to master.

    In fact, I’d say BJJ ranked up there as either the toughest or second toughest martial arts to learn.

    Why is that you ask?

    BJJ/Gracie JuJitsu or whatever you call it had literally hundreds and hundreds of techniques.

    Maybe over a thousand, hard to say but I know it’s got a crap ton. More than any other martial art including Judo and Sombo.

    It’s a lot to learn, trust me i know, been doing it for over 21 years.

    And as difficult as BJJ is with all that’s going on, in all my years I still consider guard passing to be the most difficult aspect of BJJ to master.

    Guard Passing sits on a whole other level of difficult. It took me many years to get what I consider “just okay” at it.

    Anyway so rather than me writing away like a madman I thought I’d spare you and my hands for today and instead I just filmed a video of me talking about the subject of guard passing.

    Yes before you ask I did film this while driving home from Virginia Beach in my Honda. I had some time to kill so I said why not, and below is the finished product.

    Check it out. Feedback/comments are totally welcomed. Leave those below on this blog or on my youtube channel. Also, if you’d like me to talk about a particular subject on this blog let me know. I’m open to ideas.

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