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May 21, 2015

    mma gym in arnold maryland

    Upcoming Memorial Day Hours

    Please keep in mind that due to the upcoming holiday we’ve cancelled all classes for Monday (Memorial Day) 5/25/15.

    We will however be offering an open gym training session for those who absolutely must get some training in.

    Open gym will run from 11am till 1pm upstairs. Feel free to come in to hit the bags, do some drilling or roll around a bit.

    Do as I would do and have a super fantastic day off! I’ll see everyone back in action on Tuesday.

    Big Jeff Returns To The Cage

    On June 6th, 2015, our first Pro Heavyweight MMA Fighter Big Jeff “Final Destination” Blachly returns to the cage at Strike Off 5 in Annandale Virginia.

    If you plan on attending this event and supporting Jeff keep in mind we’ve now got tickets here at Ivey league.

    The tickets are $48 for bleacher seats, $58 for floor seats, $78 for premium seats and $100 for cage side seating.

    Again, you can purchase them anytime during normal business hours.

    You’ve also got the option of investing in a table for a group of 6 people. Tables run $800 and are cage side.

    Tickets can also be purchased online at the following link

    We hope to see many of our students, friends and fans in Virginia to cheer Jeff on as he continues to chase his dreams of MMA Stardom.

    Referral Prize Contest (You Could Win $500)

    Over the years, Ivey League MMA has grown by leaps and bounds. We’ve met so many great people from all walks of life, and we’re forever grateful for this.

    It’s because of people like you, both students and parents of students, who’ve shared your experiences with all your friends and family in the communicate that we’ve been able to grow like we have.

    To show our gratification we’ve started a prize contest where you could win $500!

    The contest works like this:

    Refer a friend, family member, co-worker or anyone else to Ivey League and if they enroll (become a member) in one of our many programs you’re name will then be entered into the cash prize drawing.

    The prize drawing will take place during our Fall BBQ Party that takes place in October 2015. The exact date for this party is still TBA. Stay tuned for that email.

    On top of the cash prize you could win also keep in mind that we’ve got a fantastic referral program already in place for any student who refers a new person to IL.

    You may have seen that big spin wheel we keep downstairs. If not don’t worry it’s pretty hard to miss.

    If you refer someone and they join you get a spin on our awesome prize wheel where you’ll be able to win a number of different items.

    Anything from new boxing gloves to martial arts uniforms to private lessons can be won with just a spin of the wheel.

    Long story short: Tell people about us, if they become a member you’ll be entered into our prize drawing for the $500 in cash and you’ll also be able to spin our prize wheel for a chance to win some cool stuff.

    Thanks again for helping Ivey league become the #1 MMA School in Annapolis! We couldn’t do it without you guys.

    Have You Tried Our Strength and Conditioning Classes? You Should!

    I started working with our strength and conditioning coach Dave Miller about 4 weeks ago.

    Wow is all I can say about my results! I’ve lost about 15 pounds, toned up and started feeling like my old self once again.

    But why would I do these types of classes when I already workout during kickboxing, mma and Jiu Jitsu classes?

    Well for starters I figured changing up my workout routine couldn’t hurt. But the main reason I decided to work with Dave had a lot more to do with me needed that extra push.

    Yes even me, someone who teaches martial arts and fitness for a living, fought pro mma and all that, still needs a coach to give me that extra push/encouragement for the best possible results.

    I’m telling you this because you might be just like me. Maybe you’ve got the want and need to get the training in but at the same time you’re in need of that extra push while working out.

    If that sounds like you no worries, you’re not alone that’s for sure.

    I highly recommend taking our strength and conditioning classes offered on Tuesday and Thursday’s, both morning and night.

    Just to be clear, Strength and Conditioning (S and C) classes are different from the standard martial arts classes like Kickboxing and MMA.

    S and C classes center around fitness related movements and circuit style training. Usually in small groups of 10-15 people, both men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

    You end up surrounded by other great people working out side by side, along with a coach, there to give you that push we all need to achieve fitness results.

    It’s similar to crossfit in may ways. And trust me, it’s a super fun, motivating and great workout.

    They run about 55 minutes in total class time. You get a lot in during that time frame which is perfect for those with a tight schedule.

    So if this all sounds like your cup of tea, and let’s face it, we all could get in better shape, these classes may be exactly what you’ve been looking for and need.

    See below for our S and C Class schedule:

    Tuesday/Thursday at 6am and again at 6:30pm

    We also offer a “women’s only” fitness kickboxing class on Friday nights at 6:30pm. That’s kickboxing for fitness with a good mix of S and C stuff as well.

    Check them out and let us help you get in amazing shape this summer!

    If you’re not a member here at Ivey League but would like to try out our S and C classes please by all means contact us at (443) 949-7208

    Okay that should cover everything. Feel free to check out the technique videos I posted below. It never hurts to study up right!?

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