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June 19, 2015

    Welcome to the latest edition of the Ivey League MMA Blog! Today it’s all about the news going on around this crazy place, and believe me there’s always something going on.

    Our New Class Schedule Started This Past Monday

    On June 15th our new class schedule went into affect. Judging by the feedback and class sizes we might a winner here.

    It’s still going to take some getting used to for everyone, including the staff. But don’t worry, we’ll all get the hang of it and be better off in the long run.

    You can check out the new schedule by going to www.iveyleaguemma.com/schedule

    Jeff “Final Distanation” Blachly wins his second Pro MMA Bout!

    Jeff went back into the cage on June 6th and once again came away with a solid TKO victory. This took place at an event called “Strike Off 5”, which was held in Annandale Virgina.

    Jeff faced seasoned veteran in Keith Bell. Bell has fought some of the better guys on the east coast and was ranked the #2 in the state of VA.

    The fight started out with Jeff getting knocked down with a straight right cross, which as you can imagine isn’t a good start at all!

    However, Jeff being Jeff recovered quickly and gained bottom half guard position. The fight went from standing to ground to back standing.

    At this point Jeff was able to pin Bell against the cage and secure the takedown. Once on the ground Jeff took the top turtle guard position and unloaded with strikes.

    There wasn’t much Bell could do and at 3:33 of round one the referee called a stop to the contest, making it a TKO victory for Jeff and now taking him to 2-0 in his MMA Career.

    mix martial arts classes at ivy league mma
    Big Jeff picks up another big MMA win over seasoned veteran Keith Bell.

    Congrats to Jeff and also thanks so much to all the great Ivey League MMA students and their friends who made the trip to help root for Jeff.

    Next up for the big man will be in New Jersey at the CFFC on July 18th. This is a big step up for Jeff and the hard training has already begun. We plan to be more then prepared for this fight.

    Tickets are on sale now at CFFC’s website, click this link: www.cffc.tv

    Brittany Hollins Shines in Her Kickboxing Debut

    One week after Jeff’s MMA Fight we were back in action. This time we traded the cage for a ring for some Kickboxing action!

    Newcomer Brittany Hollins made her Kickboxing debut in style at the Crazy 88 in-house smoker fights on June 13th.

    Even though it was her first time fighting in front of a crowd I wasn’t concerned. I’d watched Brittany train for this fight and I knew we (and the crowd) were in for a treat.

    muay thai classes in pasadena md
    Kickboxing newcomer Brittany Hollins looked amazing in her debut bout!

    I was right. Brittany was fantastic! Landing many different combanations and using her speed to move in and stay out of danger.

    After two action packed rounds the fight was over and everyone was blown away by this young upstart from Bowie.

    Since this was a smoker event, they don’t declare a winner or loser. It’s all for fun and experience. We’re all pretty sure Brittany gained both.

    Congrats to Brittany! You rock girl. Who knows…this could be the start of a very promising future in the fight game, stay tuned…

    BJJ Belt Promotions – Congrats to All!

    This past week I was honored to promote longtime students and awesome folks Mike Sullivan and Anthony “Worm” Barret to the rank of BJJ Blue Belt.

    Both of these guys work super hard in the training room. I definitely see them as great role models for others students to follow.

    In fact I tell up and coming students all the time that if you wanna be good just do what Mike and Worm do. It’s that simple. Hard work does pay off.

    I should point out that the original plan was to promote both of them at the same time. Well it didn’t work out that way.

    Mike showed up for the 11am class while Worm couldn’t make it due to work. So the way it played out was Mike being promoted during the morning class and Worm during the nighttime session at 6:45pm.

    Doesn’t matter what time of the day it took place, all that matters is that we’ve now got two new colored belts in the mix here at IL. All the students were extremely happy for them as should be the case.

    Mike is on the left and Worm on the right. Congrats guys!
    Mike is on the left and Worm on the right. Congrats guys!

    Schools Out & Our Kids Summer Camp is in Full Swing

    You heard right. Schools out and kids get to enjoy summertime fun. For us, that means plenty of MMA training via our youth summer camp program.

    I can tell you that the success we’ve enjoyed with our kids martial arts program has a lot, and I mean A LOT to do with the effectiveness of our summer training sessions.

    Kids that take part in this camp get to workout and learn mixed martial arts (MMA) at least two a day while also getting to go on field trips to places like Six Flags and Laser Tag.

    By the time this 10 week camp is finished the improvements you see in the kids, everything from fitness levels to overall MMA skills is simply amazing.

    I’m really proud of our summer camp and the kids who take part. It’s a lot of work on both sides, for the kids and our staff.

    Lots of tough workouts and long hours for the instructors are a given. But I assure you, at the end of the day when you see how much these kids gain from this camp, believe me it’s all worth it.

    Our summer camp is 99% sold out but if you’re a parent who needs child care services and would like your child to get in amazing shape, make a bunch of new friends and learn the core values of martial arts training, call us right now! (443) 949-7208

    kids martial arts classes in severna park
    Summer time means training time! Pictured here are longtime students The Gerrity Clan

    That’s about it. Oh before I forget, we’ll no longer be using the email address “info@iveyleaguemma”. We’ve switched emails and can now be reached at customercare@iveyleague.com

    I’m off to enjoy the sun. Have a super fantastic day!