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July 8, 2014

    Since I keep getting question after question regarding this years summer camp I thought maybe a blog post would be a fit, you know, to help bring everyone up to speed and such.

    Here goes…

    First let me get started by saying thanks so much and from the bottom of our hearts to all the great kids and families who’ve been staying active and following along with our 2014 kids martial arts summer camp.

    It’s been a blast so far and we certainly want to keep the good energy and momentum going strong all the way to the end of the line, which would be the 10th and final week of our camp.

    I would also like to point out that we owe a lot to the one who put this all together, from start to finish. My wife, Miss Teresa, has outdone herself this time. This is 100% her, not me.

    It’s her planning and commitment that’s made this years summer camp such a smashing success. Thanks Miss T, you rock!

    Not only are the kids learning and having fun but at the same time we’re also getting them into the best shape of their young lives.

    summer camp karate 2015
    What would summer camp be without dodgeball! The kids don’t seem to ever tire of this game…ever.

    One of the major things we’ve added to this years camp is our weekly trips to 6 Flags. In fact, these trips have worked out so well I could kick myself in the tail for having not done this sooner.

    We also did field trips to the movies, laser tag, Sandy Point Beach, Dave & Busters and the library. That’s a lot for a little over three weeks and to be honest we’ve only just began!

    What about martial arts training?!

    And as far as martial arts classes are concerned…and I mean what would a martial arts/Karate summer camp be without martial arts anyway? We’ve added in plenty of martial arts training that’s sure to keep the kids busy for at least the rest of this summer.

    Make no mistake, the little ones are getting that work in! Our kids aren’t allowed to be slackers. The kids go through at least two workouts daily.

    These workouts are challenging for sure and to help make them even more challenging we’ve also added in a very difficult new warmup routine that’s designed to drive the kids to that next level of excellence.

    arnold md youth summer camps 2015
    Little “Big” Man Young Brody is seen here showing off in his nice white gi.

    What ya been working on???

    A good chunk of the kids training time has been focused on skills related to the style of Brazilian “Gracie” Jujitsu. This is mostly due to the fact that most of our kids could use the extra help in this area and with all the upcoming grappling tournaments upon us all that extra help is welcomed by the children.

    It’s not all BJJ during this camp as I’m sure most of you know. Of course we always spend some time working on the other styles taught here at Ivey League MMA. Muay Thai Kickboxing and Wrestling techniques and tactics have been getting touched on and the kids have been doing well with all the new material we’ve been tossing their way.

    How are the kids doing with their training? Is progress being made or what?!

    You bet progress has been made. In just over three short weeks you can already see the different our summer camp training has made for the kids. The kids are getting better at a rate that’s so much faster then ever before, including past summer camps.

    Is there a secret to this rapid success?

    No, no secret. At least I don’t think so. Lot’s of key ingredients go into the success we’ve had with our kids program and more specifically, our annual summer camps.

    Our success happens when we’ve got the right kids who are put in the right environment and end up being overseen and coached by a staff that: A – knows what they’re doing and B – Cares about each and every child as if it were their own son/daughter.

    I would tell anyone who’s looking into running their own summer camp to make sure they’ve got all the ingredients mentioned above. Without them, success will be hard to find.

    So in the end it’s pretty safe to say that yes we’re extremely happy with how things are working out. Keep an eye out for big things to come from this group of fine young men and women. Chances are it won’t be a long wait for results 🙂

    Check back at our blog for the latest news and updates regarding our mix martial arts summer camp for kids. This years camp is sadly sold out but if you’d like information and a chance to sign your child up early for 2015 please see below.

    Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts
    1517 Ritchie Hwy #1
    Arnold, Md, 21012
    (443) 949 7208

    summer programs for kids in annapolis md
    Awww, guess what this young man what’s to be when he grows up?
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