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August 6, 2014

    We’ve got some exciting news for all striking enthusiasts in the Annapolis Area. On September 13th we’ll be hosting a seminar with world renowned Muay Thai Kickboxing Coach Kru Jose Villarisco!

    Kru Jose has a very tight schedule and he was kind enough to make time to come in and conduct one of his amazing seminars.

    Those who’ve worked with Kru Jose in the past know just how skillful he is, both at doing and teaching the art of Muay Thai Kickboxing.

    You can read more about Kru Jose and what he’s done by clicking here and going to his bio on his website.

    Oh and just so everyone knows, Kru Jose is the man I go to for my own Muay Thai development. He’s been my striking coach for almost 10 years now. Trust me when I say this guy is the real deal.

    Not only can he fight but he can also teach. His students are consistently winning fights and many are top ranked on the east coast.

    The seminar is open to students of all levels, beginner or advanced. It’s also open to both kids and adults.

    The seminar will be focused more on proper punching and kicking techniques as well as using who to use them in combinations that are sure to add a whole new dimension to anyone’s striking game.

    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best Kickboxing coaches in the business!

    Below you can find the details needed to attend this seminar:

    Muay Thai Kickboxing Seminar w/ Kru Jose Villarisco

    Where: Ivey League MMA – 1517 Ritchie Hwy #1, Arnold, MD 21012
    When: Saturday, September 13th 2014
    Start/End Time: 11am-1pm (2 hours)
    Total Investment: $35 for Non Members, $30 for F1o1 Members and $25 for CAP/BBC
    Gear Needed: Boxing Gloves and Shin Guards, workout clothes like Thai shorts and t-shirt
    How to Register: Please RSVP by email us, calling or speak with a staff member

    If you need further information please by all means shoot me an email at info@iveyleaguemma.com and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you throw my way.

    I look forward to seeing a ton of people at this seminar. I assure you this is 100% worth your time and effort. Clear your schedule and make attending a top priority!

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