February 20, 2017

    Those looking for the toughest kids BJJ/grappling competition in the world come to one place and one place only, Pan Kids.

    Pan Kids features the best kids competing in the art of kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ for Short). So for anyone looking to become the best of the best and claim bragging rights, Pan Kids is the top of the mountain.

    Over the years we’ve sent different teams of kids out to California to compete at Pan Kids. Ivey League was the first martial arts school in Maryland to take part in Pan Kids, back in 2010.

    Since that time our overall medal count has been:

    Gold – 5
    Silver – 5
    Bronze – 3

    Considering we’re just a small martial arts school in Arnold Maryland that’s not a bad medal count at all. Not only that but our kids don’t focus exclusively on BJJ either like most places.

    Our kids work on a combination of BJJ, Kickboxing, Judo, Wrestling and Boxing throughout the week. Almost all successful BJJ Kids Teams work on BJJ twice a day, 5-6 days a week.

    I’m a big believer that’s it’s not the time you put in, but what you put into the time that matters most. Our results have proven that.

    Unlike the past years, for 2017 Pan Kids we sent just one kid to compete, 14 year old Magnus Benz.

    We only those we feel have put in the time training hard in the room and have raked up enough victories on the local tournament circuit and earned the right to compete at such a prestigious event.

    Magnus earned his way to California the hard way, by battling it out in all the local and regional tournaments like the NAGA, Good Fight, New Breed and IBJJF.

    Magnus started the day by defeating a former 2x Pan Kids Champion in the first round. That win was huge for Magnus as his opponent was definitely no pushover.

    He followed that up with a victory in the semifinals over another talented kid by way of kimura. That win placed him into the finals.

    Magnus gave it his all in the finals but came up short, losing an exciting and very close 2-0 match. Congrats to his opponent as he was the better man on that day.

    And I’d like to point this out, even though Magnus didn’t win at the same time, he put forth one heck of an effort, gained invaluable experience and learned a ton.

    I’m proud of the kid and I look forward to witnessing his future success, both on the BJJ mats and out in the real world.

    Next up for the Ivey League Competition Team is MMA Fights this weekend in Delaware followed by The New Breed BJJ/Grappling Tournament on April 1st.

    Stay tuned! Oh and check out some pics of Magnus I posted below.

    Magnus shows off his skills in route to winning the adult division at The Good Fight.

    Winning in the semis at Pan Kids 2017.

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