September 11, 2013

    For today’s blog I wanted to talk about the art of kneeing. That is, attacking your opponent using your knees as a weapon.

    Anyone who knows mixed martial arts knows that Muay Thai Kickboxing is the king of kneeing techniques. That’s one of the main reasons guys and gals travel to Thailand. To learn how to use the knees better.

    If you take any of our Muay Thai or MMA classes then you’ve no doubt been taught knees. Or if you’re brand new then you soon will be.

    Knees are by far some of the most effective striking attacks you can use. We teach knees a lot here at Ivey League MMA. Knees are legit, trust me I’ve been hit with some pretty nasty ones.

    If you hit someone in the right way with a knee, they should be going down…and most likely for the count aka not getting back up.

    I know for me, the worst hit I ever took was a knee to the body, curtsey of my coach Kru Jose.

    The best guys to watch in MMA that use knees are UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo and former champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva. I advise avoiding knees from either one. Well yeah maybe avoid fighting them all together 🙂

    The most common knees used are those from the clinch position. However, many times you’ll see them used from the outside distance.

    The best way to start learning knees is with the walking knee drill. You just go down the mat in a line throwing the left knee, then the right in a walking forward fashion.

    Another way to learn them is by using a tear drop bag. Those are the bags shaped like a tear drop, hence the name.

    As far as setting up your knees, I like again either getting to the clinch (one or both hands on the head) or using a basic 1-2 setup and then firing off a straight knee to the tummy. It works great and ended fights.

    Anyhow, I could take for days about knees. Watch the videos.

    Pay attention to the details.

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