November 3, 2014

    These days What’s Really new and exciting out in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) world?

    Have you ever heard the saying “What’s old becomes new and what’s new becomes old”? Every time I hit the training floor someones got something new and “cutting edge” to show me. But is it really new?

    Like the famous TV show American Idol, when it first came out in the early 2000’s everyone was like oh man that’s so smart and creative, different and blah blah.

    But the truth is that the American idol TV show model isn’t new at all. They had this type of thing back in the 60’s and 70’s.

    It just died out for a while. Then you know, came back big time with American Idol and those other similar shows.

    The point is, just like with TV shows, in mix martial arts you’ll see old stuff come back around. Techniques, game plans, a series of moves, it goes away for a time then makes a return down the road.

    So today in honor of throwbacks and the old, I thought I’d share some videos featuring the greats of BJJ. Names like Bustamante, Gracie and Sperry.

    If you’ve been in the BJJ or MMA game for a minute then you would know the above names. These are legends that’s for sure.

    Check out the videos below. Study these guys, you’re sure to learn a lot trust me.

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