July 14, 2017

    Sorry for this late-to-the-party blog post but we just wrapped up a Super busy week of summer camp.

    After a full day of competing for kids and adults in both Gi and No Gi grappling we are happy to announce we rocked the Newbreed Tournament in Baltimore!

    Ivey League took home the overall team title in BOTH Kids and Adults, meaning we won the most points overall in the tournament in both categories. That is awesome!

    A big thank you to all who went to support, coach, parent, and compete. Coach Chrissy helped coordinate in addition to competing, so a special shout out to her.

    To get more results on how each teammate did, visit our social media sites on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr where we will list out and add more pics of students competing.

    While you’re there give us a like or follow and we will be sincerely grateful!

    Remember the goal is not necessarily to win Gold (although its important to have a Champion mentality) but rather to gain experience in a competitive environment to help learn, test, and improve.

    Up next as a team we are headed to NAGA Wildwood, which is always a favorite to attend. For those looking to share in hotel fees, we have 2 rooms reserved with a few spots left.

    Reply here if you want to secure a spot for yourself. The cost for Fri and Sat night will be less than $100/person based on how many people join in. Or meet us there!

    Coach Danny will be driving up a group of kids on Sunday for the kids part, adults compete on Saturday.

    More details on that competition are available at

    Finally, we had a great day with our Sensi Sainjargalyn practicing more technique and in adult class we discussed the different names of the moves we are working on.

    Teammate Chris Houck shared a very helpful website for reference for anyone who would like some help with these moves to remember what they are called at


    Thanks for reading up and see you all tomorrow!

    Take care, Mrs. Teresa

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