October 19, 2017

    This past weekend we sent a small team of students to compete at The New Breed Tournament, located just a hop, skip and jump from Ivey League.

    We’re lucky to have something so close to compete in. Most of the time we end up driving for hours on end to places like NYC, Virginia Beach and NC.

    The New Breed is a smaller, much more local grappling/Jiu Jitsu tournament.

    We use tournaments like this more for our beginner level students or those in need of competitive mat time but without the pressure of competing in front of a huge crowd in a venue far away.

    Below you’ll find a list of the students who competed at The New Breed and what place they came in (First place winners are in BOLD):

    Darrell McKann – 2nd Place
    Owen Stern – 1st Place
    Ivy Van Warmer – 2nd Place
    Alex Ward – 1st Place
    Nathan Lamb – 2nd Place
    Naomi Johnson – 1st Place
    Wayne Ward – 3rd Place
    Darryan McKann – 2nd Place
    Jude Parker – 1st Place
    Kyle Rocke – DNP
    Bryan Caprice – DNP
    Professor X – DNP
    Fin Marano – 2nd Place
    Ethan Navarro – 3rd Place
    Sean Saunders – 1st Place
    Kelly Saunders – 2nd Place
    McKenzie Epps – 3rd Place

    The standout performance for the day, I call it our “Outstanding Competitor Award”, would have to go to the one and only Miss Naomi Johnson!

    Naomi went 5-0 and won both the gi and nogi divisions. Pretty impressive for a young lady with just a year of training under her belt.

    Picking the outstanding competitor for the kids is a bit more challenging because we had some really good performances from a few kids.

    Owen Stern did great and won using a hard-nosed, grinding type of style, which i totally dig and wished more kids competed like this kid does.

    Jude Parker also did great. He used many of the techniques we’ve been working on in the JR’s classes all the way to the top of the podium for first place honors.

    Oh and I can’t not talk about my favorite wiseguy (Wisekid i should say) Sean Saunders. Sean had a solid day on the mats, winning by paintbrush in the finals in his first ever tournament.

    I’m just going to let the parents decide who the outstanding kid competitor was. It’s too close for me to call.

    Obviously we’re happy for those who won their divisions but at the same time we’re proud of the whole team.

    It takes guts to compete at an event like New Breed. Anyone who puts it on the line and steps out on the mat has my respect.

    Next up for Ivey League MMA will be the NAGA NJ, which takes place on November 18th and 19th. Stay tuned for results from that tournament by checking in at our blog, FaceBook and Myspace Pages, and email inbox.

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