August 7, 2017

    Most people I talk to don’t care much for the state of New Jersey. Even those who’ve never been don’t like NJ based solely on reputation only.

    Me on the other hand, I love NJ. I spent many of my early years training for MMA in NJ. In fact, I did more training in Jersey than in my hometown of Philadelphia.

    So NJ is near and dear to my heart for that reason and some others.

    At the end of the day, whether you’re a fan of New Jersey or hate the place, Jersey continues to produce some of the best Wrestlers, Boxers, MMA Fighters, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) competitors in the United States and World.

    So If you’re looking to test yourself against some of the best and you live within driving distance, be prepared to make lots of trips to Atlantic City, Newark and the place Ivey League called home this past weekend, Wildwood.

    We loaded up the vans and made the three hour drive to Wildwood to compete at the Battle at the Beach (BATB).

    This is the largest Grappling/BJJ Tournament on the east coast with over 3000 thousand competitors battling it out, and looking for the top spot on the winners podium.

    We came to do battle and battle we sure did. Below you’ll find the results for our students. 1st place champions are in bold:

    Tierney Gerrity – 1st Place
    Jameson Gerrity – 2nd Place
    Seton Gerrity – 2nd Place
    Teresa Ives – 1st Place
    Joe Huggins – DNP
    Chrissy Smith – DNP
    Michael Garlington – 1st Place
    Magnus Benz – 1st Place

    Kevin Gerrity – 2nd Place
    Finton Moreno – DNP
    Darryan McKann – DNP
    Darrel McKann – 1st Place
    CC Fowler – 2nd Place
    Naomi Johnson – 1st Place

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    Pictured here is little Tierney after winning her first match in the GI division.

    The standout for our adult team none other than Miss Naomi Johnson. Naomi was awesome in her NoGi division and ended up submitting her opponent in the finals via nasty guillotine from the guard.

    I can also say that without a doubt taking the Thursday night Wrestling classes made a significant different in terms of takedowns and overall aggressiveness.

    For the kids, I’d have to say the one who impressed me the most was 8 year old Tierney Gerrity.

    Tierney hadn’t competed in a while so this was step one in her quest to capture grappling glory. Well if Sunday was any indicator of future success, we’ll all be in for a treat.

    Tierney looks fantastic on her way to 1st place in the kids 8-9 GI division. She won all three matches by sticking to a smart game plan and avoiding bottom mount.

    Next up for our competition team is the DC Open and following that we’ll be down south for the Atlanta Open. Stay tuned!

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    Ivey League Co-Owner Teresa Ives after winning the expert division and this sweet championship belt!

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