October 7, 2020

    After a long lay off due to Covid, which included shutting down Ivey League for a few months, everyone was excited to get back on the mats competing in BJJ.

    We sent a small team of mostly novice competitors to the Maryland Grappling Industries Tournament this past weekend. Those who competed and how they placed are:

    Sonia Epps – 3rd Place
    Ronnie Masgay – 2nd Place
    Mark David – 1st Place
    Matt “Hot Matt” – DNP

    Everyone had some good matches but the standout of the day was none other than Mark David. Mark used solid wrestling on the feet and good control on the ground taking him all the way to 1st place in his Gi division.

    What’s funny is I don’t honestly think Mark planned on competing at all. And even funnier is he’s always complaining about training in the Gi, and that NoGi is his “Thing”.

    I’m pretty sure this was a last minute decision. I bet he’s glad he did it, I know we are! And in the Gi…..evidently unicorns do exist haha.

    Much thanks to Coach Keith for coaching so many matches. If you’ve never coached at a tournament before I can assure you, by the end of the day your body just kind of goes into shut down mode. It’s super exhausting both body and mind.

    Next up for Ivey League MMA is Pan Ams this Saturday. I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted with results via this blog. You can also find results, news and the latest of the latest on our Facebook and Instagram Pages. Links can be found below.

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