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March 27, 2016

    If you’ve been in for class over the last 3 days you’ve probably noticed that everything’s been moved to the downstairs training unit.

    As it turns out, there’s a funny story to tell and the reason we’ve been forced downstairs..the story goes like this:

    This past Wednesday night as we were wrapping up a really good BJJ training session we couldn’t help but notice a rather weird/strong smell in the room.

    I knew right away this wasn’t the normal foot and sock smell normally associated with hard training. No this was MUCH WORSE.

    After an intense investigation that covered every inch of the upstairs training room we discovered what appeared to be a family of squirrels living in the ceiling!

    Well at first I didn’t know what it was but the pest company confirmed it is indeed a squirrel or family of them.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like squirrels and all sure, I just don’t like them running around in my ceiling and stinking up the place. Trust me when I say that these cool looking rodents smell foul!

    This is the one time that having split units came in handy. We just moved everything downstairs until this issue is taken care of.

    But for tomorrow (Monday), it’s a bit trickier due to having our most popular classes, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Kickboxing going on at the same time.

    Rather than try to split the downstairs room to accommodate 2 classes we came up with a better plan.

    I contacted Crazy 88 and asked if we could bring the BJJ students up there for a joint training session.

    They agreed to help us out, which is awesome by the way, and that’s the plan. The 6:45pm mixed levels BJJ class is canceled at IL and has been moved to Crazy 88 just for tomorrow night (3/28/16).

    I know it stinks to change things up last minute but in the end I think everyone will benefit from this joint training session.

    It never hurts to workout with different people with different abilities and styles. Take advantage of this opportunity students!

    Kickboxing will remain downstairs and go on as normal. Same for the kids classes and the morning 11am BJJ class.

    The only class this affects is the 6:45pm BJJ Mixed Levels Class. I’m hoping everything is squared away by Wednesday night. Fingers crossed.

    Oh and for those who can’t make the trip to 88 you’re more than welcome to jump into the Kickboxing class with Coach Thor.

    The animal trapping company is coming out on Tuesday and hopefully we’ll get this straightened out by than and back to normal.

    Thanks for understanding. This is just one of those silly situations you just can’t plan for. Unreal, all this due to a freaking squirrel(s)!

    The address for Crazy 88 is:

    7024 Troy Hill Dr
    Elkridge, MD 21075
    (443) 283-1450

    Have a super fantastic Easter!

    –Coach Danny Ives
    P.S. Start time for training at 88 is either 7pm for white belts or 8pm for blues and above. Make a note of that.

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