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September 30, 2014

    It’s 4:30am on a Tuesday. I couldn’t sleep and when that happens I tend to get into some youtube videos. Well, I happened upon some videos of an old favorite, Benson Henderson.

    I thought to myself after watching some of his highlight’s, “well dang, this guy is pretty good”. That’s a joke by the way, of course Ben’s good and of course I already knew who he was.

    I’ve never worked with Benson but my friends tell me he’s the real deal. I believe them.

    I like watching Ben fight, always have. But I’ve got respect for him that goes far beyond the punching and kicking stuff. I believe Ben’s a true martial artist. He really loves martial arts and it shows in his training and fighting style you see inside the octagon.

    Unlike so many fighters, Benson trains in traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with the gi. Not only that but he even gets out there and competes in the gi in high level events like the mundials (worlds).

    Here you’ve got a guy who was the former UFC lightweight champion of the world, and he tosses a gi on and goes out to test himself time and time again when in reality, he’s got nothing to prove.

    His lack of ego and never-say-die-attitude can be seen time and time again in his UFC fights. His fights are always the most exciting ones to watch, no matter who he ends up fighting.

    He fights in the UFC, enters high level nogi grappling events like ADCC and to top it all off he throws on a pair of gi pants with a top and belt and wins BJJ tournaments.

    Why does he do all this stuff? He could just fight a few times a year in the UFC and be fine. He does all this because the man loves martial arts, and lives life the martial arts way. I respect that. I hope you do too.

    So anyway, in honor of Ben I’ve decided to post some of his better videos found on youtube. I’m guessing I don’t have to tell you that a wise man would study these videos and learn a thing or two. Are you wise beyond your years? Good, watch the videos 🙂

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