July 23, 2013

    What makes the great mma fighters so great? Is it talent? Drive? Commitment?

    I’ll tell you, and at the same time make it easy. Great fighters don’t have a big ego! A little one maybe, but I don’t think that’s such a bad thing… Let me explain.

    The best fighters are totally open to new ideas. They’ve got a hunger to learn. They ask questions, take notes, study films. And most of all they don’t care if they get beat/tapped out in class.

    Leave your ego at the door is a common saying for an MMA gym and for good reason. If you do this one single thing trust me your training will hit a whole new level.

    I’ve seen So many people come through the doors of Ivey League that had all the tools to be awesome, including the ego. Like I said, they came through the doors…and left soon after.

    The ego is what hurts them the most.

    People with big egos just can’t stand to lose. Can’t stand and can’t take it, to the point of it hurting their progress. Egos are put up by the unsure fighter. They do what they wanna do and don’t take in all the good coaching that’s given to them.

    Something like mixed martial arts takes time to learn. And it’s tough.

    You need to have an open mind and accept that you’re going to get beat, at least in the beginning stages of your training.

    Take someone like Jon “Bones” Jones, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. When he trains, he’s always asking questions, always seeking knowledge. He doesn’t get upset if he gets handled a bit in practices. He knows that’s all a part of the process.

    Having an ego and acting like a toughguy is by far one of the worst things for mixed martial arts training.

    So the bullet point here is to have fun with your classes, enjoy the training and for heavens sake…no ego is needed!

    That’s my rant for today.

    Below are some great videos of guys who clearly lack an ego. Check them out. Study up!

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