November 24, 2014

    Are you looking to get a new pair of Boxing Gloves but aren’t sure what to get? Or maybe you want to make sure what you buy is good quality? Sweet, I wrote this blog just for someone like you!

    Read on for the most honest reviews you’ll find anywhere on the internet about Boxing Gloves.

    This blog post is a long time coming. Truth be told I should’ve written about this subject years ago. I’ve had so many people ask me about this that I decided to just write about it.

    I’ll also toss this out there; I’m not sponsored by any of these equipment brands. I’m a former pro fighter turned gym owner who deals with Boxing and Boxing Gloves on a daily basis.

    So what that means is I know good Boxing Gloves when I see ’em. I also know the bad gloves to avoid.

    Hopefully after reading this blog you’ll get the information needed. Don’t worry, I won’t leave any stones unturned.

    Let’s get rocking and rolling. I’m sure you know what a Boxing Glove is so let’s skip that and get into the meat of it.

    For most of your boxing training I recommend getting and using two different types of gloves. They are:

    Bag Gloves
    Training Gloves

    Bag and training gloves may look very similar but they are indeed very different.

    BAG GLOVES, Let’s start there.

    Bag gloves look like regular gloves however they’ve more dense in the front and should be used for training that involves stuff like hitting mitts or working the punching “Heavy” bag.

    Again, these are harder gloves in general and the reason for that is so that your hands are better protected from impact.


    TRAINING GLOVES or sometimes referred to as “sparring gloves”

    Training style gloves are much softer, especially in the front where the knuckles are. These gloves are used more for sparring and/or striking at a person.

    This is why they need to be softer gloves, for the safety needed during sparring sessions, for both you and your sparring partner.

    Training gloves can have some of the same uses as bag gloves just keep in mind that you’ll wear them down faster because they’re not meant for mitts and bag work. That’s what bag gloves are for.

    The padding in a training glove will wear down faster then a bag glove and over time that could become unsafe for your training partners. Make sure that they’re in good shape and well padded if you plan to spar.

    **The #1 Rule When Investing in Boxing Gloves**

    Don’t be a cheap skate and get the cheapest gloves you can find at Modell’s! A day doesn’t go by that I don’t have to yell at one of my students for buying garbage gloves.

    Don’t invest in cheap gloves. That just puts you and your training partners at risk. Spend the extra few bucks and get good quality gloves that are not only safer but will also last a lot longer too.

    Best Bang For Your Buck Boxing Gloves

    If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck and are under a budget I can help you. Below is a list of affordable gloves that cost less and work great.

    On a budget, try these:

    • Title
    • Ringside
    • Ring to Cage
    • CombatCorner
    • Build to Fight

    These are a pair of training gloves by Ringside. Very good gloves for all levels
    These are a pair of training gloves by Ringside. Very good gloves for all levels

    All of the companies mentioned above have all types of gloves that range in price or as I like to say “investment”. Anywhere from $40-80 for a pair.

    Avoid gloves that are used for “Fitness”, “Aero”, or “Cardio” training. These types of gloves aren’t made for hardcore training. They’re made for the hobbyist or soccer mom who hits a bag filled with air at the local weight lifting gym.

    The Best Quality Boxing Gloves on The Market Today

    Okay so maybe you’re the type of guy/gal who wants only the best and are willing to pay extra to get it. Congrats, you sound just like me.

    The old saying “You get what you pay for” definetly applies to Boxing gloves. With that said the really good gloves are going to run you around $200 and up.

    For about $200 ish you can pick up a pair of If Cleto Reyes. These gloves are some of the best you’ll find anywhere in the world and countless numbers of professional fighters swear by them.

    Cleto’s originate from Mexico, and are still hand made there today at a little old warehouse by two 80 year old ladies.

    I’ve actually been to this factory and seen the ladies make gloves, I’ve even got a pair they made just for me, thanks girls!

    Awesome Gloves! Mexico's pride and joy, Cleto Reyes
    Awesome Gloves! Mexico’s pride and joy, Cleto Reyes

    As soon as you toss these bad boys on your hands you’ll know where your money went. These are super nice fitting gloves that will last a long long time if cared for properly.

    I’ve had my gloves for 8 years and they still look great. Well worth the money.

    The Big Bucks – Enter Winning Boxing of Japan

    Looking for the best Boxing Glove on planet earth? Only one brand name comes to mind…WINNING.

    Winning of Japan produces best Boxing gloves on the market today. Fighters who want only the very best always go with winning gear.

    Here’s the thing; be ready to bust out that wallet for these puppies. They run anywhere from $300 to around $600, depending on what you want.

    Once you wear them don’t worry you won’t mind one bit about the money you just spent. These are so nice it’s unreal. I’m told they were designed by a hand surgeon in Japan, which makes sense to me.

    And let me assure you, anything made in Japan is gonna cost a grip (slag for lot of money) cause that’s how the Japanese roll dude!

    The cream of the crop, Winning Brand Boxing Gloves
    The cream of the crop, Winning Brand Boxing Gloves

    All jokes aside, if you want the best, winning would be it. There’s no debate about it.

    Winning Boxing Gloves do cost a crap ton of money and the reality is that for the most part only pro level fighters really need these gloves.

    If you don’t fall into that category yet that’s fine, stick with the less costly brands like Title or Ringside.

    But hey you know, some people want to feel like a pro fighter even if they can’t fight they’re way out of a wet paper bag. So what do they do? They go big and buy Winning gloves.

    All the best fighters wear Winning. Guys like Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez and Cain Velasquez just to name a few.

    Okay that’s all I’ve got on the subject of Boxing Gloves. I hope all this information helps you make a wise decision on the purchase of your next (or first) pair of Gloves.

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