July 14, 2014

    What makes the great fighters so great?

    People ask me all the time what I feel makes the great fighters so great. My answer is always the same; it’s a little bit of a lot of things. Well okay maybe more then a “bit” of things.

    One of those things is that the great fighters often times will develop a fighting style that’s unique to them. They have certain techniques that fit just right for the type of body they may have and skill set they possess.

    The goal for any new student should be to do the same. To find that set of skills that gets the best results for him/her.

    You need to be realistic with yourself in order to understand your own physical make up. The more real with yourself the easier it’s going to be for you to find out your true strengths and weaknesses as a fighter.

    Sit down and assess this with an open mind. Once you’ve got an understanding of you as a fighter and what you’re good/bad at, now comes the time to build a skill set that plays to your strong ares while at the same time hiding where you’re weakest.

    How long does this take?

    I’m not going to lie, the process of understand all of this takes many years of hard training. I know for me it took about 4 years before I started to understand how my body worked and more importantly, what worked for me.

    This is why it’s so important to always be trying out new techniques. Always be testing new ideas and game plans. Through this process over time you’ll figure things out.

    Great fighters know and fully understand what works for their style.

    A good example of a fighter who uses a unique style that works for him is current UFC Featherweight Champ Jose Aldo. He knows how to use his abilities and body type so well that it took him all the way to the top of the ladder. That’s why he’s a world champion.

    It’s no secret, what Aldo does in the cage. Everyone knows he’s got that nasty right leg low kick and is brutally hard to take down. Yet even though his game is unique to him and everyone knows it, he still wins.

    That’s because if you’ve got a game that suits you just right, even if someone figures it out, you should still win most of the time.

    Aldo knows his Muay Thai is legit and that what he does works for him. This is why he tries to keep his fights standing up, where he’s the better man. The funny thing is even when he does get taken down, he’s got some pretty sick BJJ skills.

    Aldo wins because he’s developed a style that suits him and works. I guarantee you this didn’t come over night for him. He did the same thing you need to do, test, test and then test some more.

    The man himself, UFC Champ Jose Aldo
    The man himself, UFC Champ Jose Aldo

    Start working on your MMA future today, not tomorrow!

    Right now you probably don’t have the slightest clue as to what works for you and what would be best. I understand believe me. As time goes on and you train more and more the smoke will clear and you’ll find your way.

    It never hurts to ask for advice from an instructor. After all, if anyone should know and understand what you need most it would be the one who teaches you. Look for more guidance and chances are you’ll find some.

    The more you train and the better you get over time you’ll figure it out. Just be patient, stick to the system your school uses and have faith in your instructors and fellow students.

    Do all that and you should be “a okay”! Oh and I included some great videos to help you learn some cool new tricks. Do your homework!


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