Boxing classes in maryland
May 18, 2014

    Let’s take a closer look at the style of Boxing and how it fits into your Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training. If you watch MMA events like the UFC then there’s a good chance you’ve seen fighters with a lot of Boxing training.

    In fact, I’d be willing to bet that 90% of the pros fighting today train in Boxing on some level. The reason for this is simple; Boxing works in a real fight. Well that and the fact that when you kick it’s much easier to get taken down. And if you’re more of a striker the last place you’d want to be is on the ground.

    Now if you can Box, have good takedown defense and also happen to have some good kicking techniques that’s when you’re really a threat. Good Boxing skills is definitely an important asset to have when it comes to self defense too.

    The art of boxing relies heavily on punches, good footwork and head movement. No kicking, knees or elbowing takes place. It’s 100% hands. When and if you ever end up in a self defense situation, you’ll want to let those punches fly. No style better prepares you for this like Boxing.

    So it is key that you’ve got the knowledge and skills to punch in a way that’s going to be effective.

    The added benefit to Boxing is the workout. A good Boxing session can be one heck of a workout. It’s super tiring to throw 3-4-5 punch combinations on the pads for 3 minutes.

    Get in amazing shape while at the same time learning to fight. Boxing has it all.
    Get in amazing shape while at the same time learning to fight. Boxing has it all.

    Boxing training also does a great job of building the conditioning for your arms and shoulders. When you’re throwing punches in a workout, your shoulders will more likely then not be the first thing to tire out. It gets easier as you get in better condition.

    Boxing is definitely an important area of your MMA training so make sure to really put extra focus on those punches. Good Boxing skills will go a long way in the UFC or a street fight.


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