March 4, 2014

    Our 6 year anniversary was on Monday, March 3rd. Sadly we ended up being closed due to inclement weather. But it’s Tuesday and we’re open now. I thought to myself that the first thing I needed to do today was talk about our 6 year mark and what that means to me and my wife, Teresa.

    Ivy League Mixed Martial Arts
    The Ivey League MMA Logo, Thanks To BBC Student WikiFish. She Designed This Logo.

    I wrote a blog about a week ago, in that blog I talked about how Ivey League MMA came to be. How I ended up in Maryland and all that jazz. So if you need background info you can always check back to that post by clicking this link.

    Over the years we’ve been so lucky to have worked with so many great people here in Annapolis. Men, women and kids have all benefited from our classes and we in turn have benefited from getting to know everyone.

    The goal from the get go was to bring real mixed martial arts (MMA) to Annapolis. We feel like that goal’s been accomplished!

    Thanks so much to all the great folks who’ve supported us over these 6 years. Without you guys, all this wouldn’t be possible.

    In honor of our anniversary, I provided a rack of Ivey League training youtube videos. Check them out!

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    Free Trial for You (and Your Child)