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January 19, 2015

    Like I keep saying, new year, new you and of course, new things going on here at Ivey League MMA.

    Yay New BJJ Belt Promotions!

    First up I’d like to congratulate our first set of Brazilian JuJitsu Gray Belts…Seton and Jameson Gerrity! Their the first ones because starting this year we added in the gray belt to our BJJ system.

    We did that in a effort to stay more current with the standard IBJJF Belt System. The IBJJF added in the gray belt a few years back so we’re a little late to the party but hey, better late then never 🙂

    We’ve also promoted long time student and part time coach Rick Engelfried to the very difficult to attain rank of BJJ Purple Belt! Rick becomes only the 8th purple belt ever promoted by me (Danny Ives).

    For those who don’t know Rick let me tell ya, he’s an animal on the mats! Highly skilled and strong as heck. It would have been a travesty to hold him at Blue Belt any longer.

    gracie jiu jitsu in maryland
    A very proud Rick Engelfried right his promotion to BJJ Purple Belt

    Below you’ll funded listed all the names of kids who were promoted to new BJJ belts:

    Rick Engelfried – Purple Belt
    Lauren “Prototype” Miller – Yellow Belt
    Dax “Juggernaut” Avila – Yellow Belt
    Seton and Jameson Gerrity – Gray Belts

    Congrats to all on your new belt rank. Job well done indeed!

    Speaking of BJJ, we’ve got a great seminar right around the corner

    This upcoming Saturday January 24th we’ll be hosting a BJJ technique seminar with top notch coach and master technician Donnie Achnick.

    Master Donnie, as we all know him, will be teaching his brand of grip fighting, guard passing and submission holds from side control.

    We’re super lucky to have booked him and there’s no doubt those who attend are sure to gain a ton from this seminar.

    Below you can find all the details needed to attend the seminar:

    Master Donnie BJJ Seminar @ Ivey League MMA
    January 24th (Sat), 2015
    11am till 1pm
    Cost – $35 for non members, $30 for Fundamentals and $25 for CAP/BBC Members.
    Gear Needed – Full gi uniform which includes top, bottom and belt

    Our first Pro MMA Fighter Jeff “Final Destination” Blachly fights February 28th in Virginia!

    Yup you heard right. It’s been a long time coming but for the first time ever Ivey League has a fighter going pro and he’s not wasting any time.

    Jeff makes his pro debut at the Glory Fights “Strike Off” event which takes place in Annandale VA. Details for the fights can be found at Glory’s Facebook page, ***click this link to go there

    Words cannot describe of proud we are of Jeff and all he’s accomplished. Going pro in MMA is a big deal and it’s been a long tough road to get to this level. This is only the start of much bigger things to come for Jeff Blachly.

    Oh and a word about Jeff…

    Let me start by saying we’re very lucky to have Jeff here training with us. And to see and be a part of his road to MMA success.

    Be sure of this; Jeff got to this point in his career from years of hard work and brutal training sessions. Training that most can’t or won’t do.

    Jeff works tirelessly in the gym, day in and day out. He never complains of being tired, or being too busy or any other lame excuses so many make. He shows up, good mood or bad, and puts that work in.

    Over the years he’s become a leader that the students of Ivey League look up to and respect greatly. Not just for being a good fighter, but also for being a good person, inside or outside the cage.

    Other fighters and students could learn a thing or two from Jeff when it comes to hard work, sacrifice, discipline and mental toughness. Fighters/students like Jeff are as rare as they come.

    Info on how you can watch Jeff’s Fight

    Tickets can be purchased here at Ivey League. It’s first come first serve and there’s no doubt we’ll sell out! Be sure to pick up a ticket sooner rather then later. See the front desk person for those.

    Pan Kids BJJ Training in Full Swing!

    California might be all about surfing, fast cars and movie stars but that’s not what we’re going there for. No, we’re heading out west for the best kids BJJ competition the world has to offer.

    That would be an event called “Pan-Kids”. We go every year in search of glory, which comes by way of GOLD MEDALS. This year will be no different.

    So, wish our little ones good luck as they chase their goals and dreams the weekend of February 15th. Below you’ll find the Pan-Kids full roster for IL:

    Austin Hartman
    Seton Gerrity
    Jameson Gerrity
    Tierny Gerrity
    Patrick Ellis
    Mouth Garlington
    Sean Garlington
    Joel Marquez
    Joaquin Marquez
    Magnus Benz

    Okay lord I’m done typing. That should cover most things up and coming event related here. Stay tuned for more blogs containing training tips, youtube study videos and news.

    kids training pan kids bjj
    The kids are pictured here running the stairs aka training hard for a good showing at Pan Kids

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