September 17, 2016

    September like always is a busy month for us here at Ivey League. Lot’s of new students checking out the different types of classes offered as well as current students competing in various things like grappling tournaments, Boxing and MMA Fights and so on.

    Let’s start with news from the first 16 days of September.

    Last night students Magnus Benz and Joe Huggins fought their hearts out in the Boxing Ring up at Michael’s 8th avenue in Glen Burnie. Joe AKA “Huggy Bear”, won by TKO in a fight that finally showcased Huggy’s raw speed and power.

    It was really nice to see Huggy let loose and use his skills. He ended up dropping his opponent early in round 3 with a body punch we call a “Shovel”.

    His opponent was cleared to keep on fighting but was stopped a second time shortly after with the same punch as before but with the other hand.

    And that was that. The ref called the bout off and Huggy was awarded the TKO victory by way of body shots. We couldn’t be happier for such a hard working young man.

    Magnus was the fight right after Huggy’s. Magnus did well but unfortunately in this business, well isn’t always enough to win.

    He fought hard but came up short in a 3 round decision loss to a very game opponent from Fairfax VA. I had Magnus losing the first round, with the second round pretty close and Magnus winning the third.

    It’s all good and well because at the end of the day it’s all about learning and using that knowledge to become an even better fighter. Both Huggy and Magnus learned a lot and now it’s back to the grind at IL.

    And before I move on with other news I’d like those reading this to remember the following words: “You lose 100% of the times you don’t try”.

    Magnus didn’t win and that stinks but at least he had the guts to step into the ring and give it his all.

    There’s something to be said for that trust me.

    A few new BJJ Belt Promotions took place.

    We’re happy to announce that the following students have been promoted by Master Danny Ives in the art of Brazilian “Gracie” Jiu Jitsu. They are:

    Nolan Rivera – Blue Belt
    Deuce Boucher – Yellow Belt
    Rachael Mansfield – Blue Belt
    Jose Rodriguez – Blue Belt

    This is a big deal because everyone who takes the BJJ classes knows just how hard it can be to get promoted in rank.

    Unlike so many BJJ and Martial Arts schools that hand out belts like candy, Danny Ives makes you earn your belt the hard way, with lots of hard work and tough training sessions.

    These students can have peace of mind knowing in their heart of hearts they earned their new belt rank. That’s something to be extremely proud of! Congrats!

    Master Danny Ives and on your left is new BJJ Blue Belt Nolan Rivera.
    Master Danny Ives and on your left is new BJJ Blue Belt Nolan Rivera.

    Longtime student and happy-go-lucky kid Deuce Boucher right after being promoted to BJJ Yellow Belt by Master Danny
    Longtime student and happy-go-lucky kid Deuce Boucher right after being promoted to BJJ Yellow Belt by Master Danny

    September 24th is going to be a busy day for us!

    This Saturday, 09/24/16 we’ve got 3 different Ivey League Fighters fighting at 3 different locations.

    Let me tell you It’s been fun trying to juggle who goes where, who does what and on top of that all the travel arrangements. But we’ll make it work like we always do.

    Anyway so here’s a quick breakdown of who’s fighting and at what location.

    I’ll start first with Pro MMA Fighter Jeff Blachly. He’s fighting at an event called Odyssey Fights which takes place in Arlington VA. Then we’ve got Thor Davis making his amateur mma debut at an event called Revolution Fights located in Winchester MD.

    And finally 15 year old Jiu Jitsu ace Michael Garlington is competing in a grappling superfight in NJ against the #1 kid in the country. Michael is currently the #2 kid so this should be an interesting match indeed.

    So If you’d like to come out and support our fighters or just come to see some great, action packed fights, all the information needed to attend can be found below via each event’s website.

    You can buy tickets for Jeff’s fight here at IL. Just come in and ask for either Chrissy or Darts and they’ll be happy to help. For the other two events you can buy tickets online or just get one at the door.

    This is a great opportunity for everyone to see the skills that’ve been built inside the walls of Ivey League. Thanks for all the support and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted with results and play by play.

    That just about covers it. If I missed something or whatever please feel free to email me at We love hearing from students, parents and fans of this blog, so type away!

    Oh and before I forget, check out the picture below because….Ivey League MMA now has a sweet new BOXING RING! Next time you’re in to take class or workout be sure to check out the Boxing Ring.

    boxing training
    Not many gyms have a Boxing Ring as nice as this one! Come check it out for yourself.

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