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April 20, 2016

    Need a break from the kids for one night? Than you’re in luck because our Night of the Ninja sleepover/lock-in returns to Ivey League on May 13th 2016!

    The kids have been asking me nonstop about the next NOTN and I’m happy to say we finally nailed down a date. Here’s how the sleepover works:

    It’s an all night sleepover that features pizza, movies, games, arts and crafts, dodgeball, and of course the always entertaining Nerf gun battle.

    It starts at 8pm and goes till 8am. That’s 12 full hours of supervised child services!

    It’s a really fun time and the kids just love it. It’s also a much needed break for mom and dad and allows for a night out of the town with not a care in the world.

    If this sounds like something your child would like than I highly recommend signing them up sooner rather than later as this event always sells out fast.

    kids after school services at ivey league
    Check out this cool poster Miss Chrissy made for the NOTN. This pretty much nailed it.

    Details can be found below.

    Night of the Ninja Sleepover at Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts

    When: Friday, May 13th, 2016

    Drop off time is 8pm and pick up at 8am.

    Sleeping Arrangements: Have your child bring a sleeping bag or blanket and a pillow. The kids sleep on the mats, or on the crash pads.

    Don’t worry our mats are super comfortable, I know this for a fact because I’ve slept on them many times over the years.

    Also, for those kids taking the BBC class earlier in the night they must go home and shower before returning for the start of the sleepover.

    Trust me, a bunch of stinky kids running around all night isn’t fun for our staff 🙁

    Food and Drink: We’ll be providing pizza, drinks and snacks for the kids. *if your child has any food allergies please let Miss Sarah, Miss Chrissy or myself know in advance.


    $40 for BBC
    $50 for Fundamentals

    We do allow kids to bring games from home but please keep in mind that THEY’RE 100% responsible for whatever they bring in!

    HOWEVER, absolutely no internet connected devices or cellphones are permitted, these will confiscated if found and given to mom or dad in the morning.

    Kids these days spend way too much time on a cellphone. Let’s take a break from that on this night and allow them to socialize with other kids the old fashioned way, you know, face to face conversation and small talk.

    karate lessons for children
    Don’t worry mom and dad, the kids sleep like babies by once they run out of energy for the night.

    You’re more than welcome to call the school if you’d like to check in on your child, especially if this is their first sleepover. And if your child needs to speak with you they can call from our main line.

    Not to sound like a broken record but I’ll say it again, space is limited and Night of the Ninja always sells out…fast.

    It’s first come first serve, reservation and prepayment is required. Don’t let your child miss out, you can RSVP either in person, or by email/phone.

    The sleepover is going to be a super fantastic time, can’t wait!

    –Coach Danny

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