August 1, 2013

    Are you a student of our Muay Thai Kickboxing or MMA program? If so then this email is for you!

    At some point in your training you’re going to need some basic equipment. The sooner you get this equipment the better.

    Many of your classes depend on you having the right stuff for the job. Read on and I’ll give you the skinny on what you’ll be needing.

    Now when I say equipment or gear it’s not like you’re going out and buying hockey stuff that cost
    like 2 thousand dollars.

    Nothing like that. You need good quality Muay Thai equipment that going to last a long time and stand up to the punishment you plan to put it through.

    Oh and I’ll say this…

    Never go cheap on your martial arts training gear. That’s never good.

    You get what you pay for. That saying is true trust me. Don’t be a cheap skate and get the crappy stuff.

    You should always start out by getting a good pair of MMA/Boxing gloves. Gloves and a little piece of gear we call handwraps. Both are very important.

    For our Muay Thai and MMA fundamentals classes you need:

    Boxing gloves
    Hand Wraps
    Uniform (grey IL shirt, black shorts)

    Down the road you should get:

    Shin Guards
    Cup (For Guys)
    Headgear (If you decide to Spar)
    mouth piece

    Where do you get this stuff?

    Chances are that the staff already showed you some stuff or talked about it.

    Either way you can get your gear from us here at Ivey league.

    I highly recommend you get it though us. Not a sporting goods store.

    Why not go to a place like Modells or dick’s? Because the martial arts gear they sell is crap.

    That’s why.

    We sell good high quality stuff and it’s safer then the junk you get at sporting goods stores.

    On top of that it’s safer for your training partner if you use good gear, so stay away from crap like UFC brand or anything made by Everlast.

    How soon should you have all your training equipment?

    The sooner the better.

    It’s nice to have your own stuff too, I think you’ll agree.


    Place an order with a staff member and you’ll be on your way.

    That’s today’s lesson.

    As a bonus, check out the new videos posted below. Some BJJ and some Muay Thai. Study up!

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