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May 13, 2014

    Beginner Level Muay Thai Kick boxing Conditioning

    Most of the students taking classes at Ivey League Mixed Martial Arts will never become professional Muay Thai fighters – And that’s totally fine, there’s many other great ways to make a living in life. However, one of the main reasons folks keep coming back is for the great conditioning they get – a natural part of all combat sports including Thai Boxing.

    Muay Thai students need a whole range of both physical and technical skills in order to be successful, i.e.:

    • Speed
    • Endurance (Cardio)
    • Coordination
    • Power (explosiveness)
    • Timing
    • Balance

    No instructor in the world can guarantee that you’ll win or even success as a fighter, but by taking Thai Boxing classes at the very least you should be able to get in amazing shape. So within this blog post we’ll be taking about getting in shape and training like a pro even if you never plan to step foot in a ring.

    Getting in shape with Running

    Back to basics, start with running. That’s what the pros do and you’d be smart to copy them.

    You don’t run on a regular basis or anything like that. 2-3 days a week is fine. Be sure to purchase a good pair of running shoes before you start. I recommend Adidas or Asics.

    You need to get that running in, at least twice a week
    You need to get that running in, at least twice a week

    Muay Thai fighters need to have a strong aerobic conditioning base, and running is the best (and cheapest!) way to get it. Three low impact runs of twenty (15) minutes per week on a high school track or in your local neighborhood (like Arnold) is a great way to get started.

    As you build up your stamina, consider new running challenges (e.g. hills, natural terrain, stairs, distance goals, intervals, etc.) to keep you motivated and fresh.

    At some point, you’ll have to incorporate sprinting or interval style training to improve your anaerobic (high intensity) capacity. Don’t worry, though, this will come down the road as you improve. Let your trainer(s) judge your progress and move your training forward in different ways…

    Condition by using Shadowboxing, a very underused method.

    Shadowboxing is the next, natural step for you to improve your overall Muay Thai conditioning. This is an area most new students avoid. Don’t be intimidated – all you’re doing is practicing techniques in the air. The best way to do this would be in front of a mirror, or maybe while doing your morning jog.

    Shadow Boxing Remains a Huge Part of World Champion Floyd Mayweather's Boxing Routine
    Shadow Boxing Remains a Huge Part of World Champion Floyd Mayweather’s Boxing Routine

    Don’t underestimate the importance of shadowboxing. If done properly, a full session can come close to matching the intensity of a regular Muay Thai class at Ivey League.

    It is also, in my opinion… The best practice to hone your fighting skills and make fast, dramatic improvements in your skills. Another added benefit is you’ll learn to relax your shoulders more. Like I always say, loosey goosey!

    You won’t need to become the next Muhammad Ali or Floyd Mayweather, but consider shadowboxing while jogging or at other times. It’ll give you a way to simultaneously condition your body and work on your techniques.

    In a stationary position, you’ve got the option of going beyond strict shadowboxing by practicing combinations of punching, elbowing, kicking, and kneeing. Don’t forget to incorporate footwork and defensive skills as well!

    In the beginning, I recommend starting with just one skill alone, like;

    • Round kicking
    • Single jabs and double jabs w/ correct footwork
    • Push kick/Teep
    • Shielding and Defending Kicks

    Start with 2 minute rounds w/ a one minute rest in between. Mix it up and shoot to have a nice mix of all your Muay Thai combinations and techniques.

    When you reach a higher level of skill then you get to really double your pleasure! Start to add in more complex combinations to your shadow boxing. Consider the following six (6) shadow boxing combos when you want to take it to the next level:

    A) Jab, cross, left switch kick.

    B) Catching the jab and return with the jab, follow hook, low round kick.

    C) Push kick, switch knee, right elbow.

    D) Check the round kick then return with the teep, cross, switch kick.

    E) Double jab, clinch knee, round kick to the head for the finish.

    F) Lead uppercut elbow, right horizontal elbow, right knee, left elbow, end with a low kick

    For the very best Muay Thai-specific conditioning, start with the above mentioned exercises. Use them to further enhance your overall experience in the amazing art of 8 limbs!

    I’ve also added in some youtube video to help you study and learn. You can thank me later 🙂

    Please leave a comment below…Give me your thoughts…

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