February 8, 2017

    Mouth won the adult blue belt division despite only being only 15 years old.

    Pennsylvania’s a great state, I should know, it produced me lol. I love my home state and whenever the chance presents itself with events like the NAGA, I take advantage.

    This past weekend we took a team of students up to Broomall Pennsylvania for the NAGA Grappling/BJJ Tournament.

    Our team consisted of both seasoned competitors as well as first timers. Beginner or advanced, everyone came ready to battle it out for top honors.

    Both adults, kids and teens all competed on the same day (Saturday) and believe me, it ended up being a long long day the coaching staff. And by coaching staff I mean Miss Chrissy and I.

    IMO the MVA student of the day for teens goes to either Michael Garlington or Jacob Rosenblaum, with both claiming gold medals in their respective divisions.

    Our MVA for the little kids was without a doubt Brody “Warlock” Gallant, who snagged double gold medals in Gi and NoGi divisions.

    And for the adults, Big Man Ed Hunt looked awesome and showed a much improved skills on his way to taking silver in NoGi and gold in Gi.

    This event was packed! The picture says it all.

    I’d like to go on and on about everyone’s performance but sadly I don’t have that kind of time. Just know we’re super proud of everyone who took part and win or lose, progress has been made!

    Below are full results for Ivey League MMA. First place finishers are in BOLD:.

    Brody Gallant – 1st
    CC Fowler – 1st
    CJ Monger – 1st
    Magnus Benz – 1st
    Naomi Johnson – 1st
    Matt Hawkins – 1st
    Mark David – 1st
    Ed Hunt – 1st

    Tony Grinavic – DNP
    Jacob Rosenblaum – 1st
    Patrick Ellis – 1st
    Michael Garlington – 1st

    Fin Marano – 2nd
    Owen Stern – 1st
    Tobias Cunningham – 3rd
    Gavin Saumenig – 3rd
    Jameson Gerrity – DNP
    McKenzie Epps – 2nd
    Isabella Pegrino – 2nd
    Robbie Ballinger – 3rd
    Ivy Vanwormer – 2nd

    Next up for IL is The Good Fight in Langhorne PA on March 11th. Oh and before I forget, Joe Huggins and Danny Mahoney both fight on Feb 25th at Stellar Fights in Del.

    See below for more great pics from the NAGA.

    Patrick E. from Severna Park also made out well in PA.

    Brody G from Arnold looked rock solid on his way to double gold honors.

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