March 25, 2014

    Most people only think of kicks hitting the body and head. Truth be told, low leg kicks are some of the nastiest techniques in all of Thai Boxing. If you’re unsure of this feel free to ask anyone’s who’s ever fought legendary Kickboxing fighter Rob “HammerKick” Kaman.

    Come to think of it, just ask CAP Platinum Member Jeff Blachly about the low kick and what it’s like to spar someone like Rob Kaman. Long story short, Jeff sparred Master Kaman one time…and his legs have never been the same!

    So for today’s blog post, let’s take a closer look at the low kick, one of the best skills in all of Muay Thai Kick Boxing!

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    Trust me, you don’t wanna get kicked by this fellow! Master Rob Kaman, king of the low kick.

    The Low Kick…a Great Gift From The Art Of Muay Thai!

    By low kick I mean you kick below the hips, more often then not you kick the back of the your opponents leg. If done right, it puts people down for the count!

    If you’ve ever spent time watching classical Muay Thai Kickboxing bouts, I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of low leg kicks. Although the low kick isn’t as common in pure Muay Thai you’ll still see it being used.

    The same goes for MMA, in events like the UFC. Leg kicks are very common and work great in a number of different ways. One of those ways would be to use a good low kick in order to slow down an opponent.

    Low Kicks can sometimes be so powerful they even score knockouts. The best low kicker in MMA today would be none other then Jose Aldo. Simply amazing technique!

    Technique Tips From Danny Ives

    Below are 3 set ups that I feel are best for achieving that brutal low kick.

    • Jab-Low Kick
    • Hook-Low Kick
    • Counter to Opponents Jab w/ Low Kick

    If you take Muay Thai classes for self defense, like so many do, you’d be wise to make the low kick a well drilled weapon. Shoot I know from my own personal experience just how effective the low kick works in a real street fight.

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    Another guy you don’t want to meet in a dark alley…Ernesto Hoost!

    I could go on for days about low kicks and Muay Thai. I just love these darn techniques. What I think might be better would be giving you some videos to watch and study.

    Videos you should be studying to improve your own low kick skills

    I’ve included videos showcasing the true masters of the low kick. Rob Kaman and Ernesto Hoost, both Dutch fighters, are considered the very best with this technique. It won’t do you harm to sit down and watch these guys in action. What they do and how they do it should be observed.

    Pay close attention to the details. Oh and the end result isn’t bad to watch either! Check ’em out and as always, feedback shall be welcomed.


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