August 31, 2013

    Talent. How much talent do you really need to be successful at Muay Thai? Not nearly as much as you’d think.

    I’m always surprised to hear students say that they’ll never be good at Muay Thai due to a lack of talent. They just don’t think they’re any good for any number of different reasons.

    Let me tell you guys something; It’s not so much talent as it is hard work and mastering the timing of the techniques we teach you.

    You need to know what to attack with and when you use that attack in the course of a real fight.

    Take me (Danny Ives) for example. I’m not fast, strong, explosive or any of that stuff. Not at all.

    In fact I’m that slow chubby dude. Yet I’ve been able to not only have success with Muay Thai Kickboxing but also excelled in it.

    That’s because I always focused on technique and timing. I also wanted my skills to be sharp and to know just when to attack with them.

    Because I wanted my technique to be good I worked on it all the time. I put a lot of hours into becoming a master of the moves. You’d be wise to do the same.

    The problem with most people is that they’re just not willing to put the time or work in to master something as complex as Muay Thai.

    And oh yeah Muay Thai sure is complicated.

    It’s the ones that work hard and listen that make it to the top of the hill.

    This is how you get good at the techniques you learn. Drill them often and as close to perfect as possible.

    How do you master timing? You get better with your timing a little bit through the normal stuff like mitt work and hitting the heavy bag. The real key to timing lays in the sparring sessions you attend.

    Good sparring sessions should not have you getting your face smashed in but rather helping you understand and learn your timing. You learn when to hit, how not to get hit and when not to hit.

    One thing I should put out…

    You don’t get good at Muay Thai Kickboxing overnight. It takes time, so be patient and keep learning. You’ll get there soon enough 🙂

    To help you get there, below I’ve included some great youtube videos for you to watch. Check ’em out.

    Oh and feedback is welcomed.

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