September 25, 2015

    Ask yourself a question. Are you a youtube warrior at your academy? You know, the guy who only takes in knowledge from whatever he happens to find on youtube?

    In this day and age of technology It’s not hard to find anything you want on the internet. Everything from how to cook a turkey to cleaning a bathroom to finding the right person for you can all be found with a simple click of a mouse.

    Sites like youtube have changed the world that’s for sure. There’s no doubt that youtube has also changed how we train in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

    Let’s talk about this. How can youtube affect your MMA training? For me, youtube is both a blessing and a course.

    I’ll be honest, I wish youtube was around when I was coming up in the ranks. God that woulda been awesome.

    Sadly it wasn’t and I got my videos the old fashioned way, ordering tapes from magazines or trading videos with other people at the academy.

    At the same time, maybe it’s good I didn’t have youtube. The reason I say this is that because I didn’t have access to this kind of information, I ended up having to put full faith in the teachings of my instructor, who at that time was Ricardo Almeida.

    If I’d has access to youtube who’s to say I wouldn’t have been getting all these different ideas from different coaches/instructors and that cased me to deviate from the teaches of my own instructor?

    Does that make sense? Too much information from too many different people can cause programs in your overall MMA development.

    That’s something to think about and one downfall to being a youtube warrior. At the end of the day, you need to listen to and do whatever your instructor teaches, not youtube.

    Youtube is great but by no means can it replace what a real life, hands on instructor can give you.

    Youtube’s not there to correct your mistakes, and youtube doesn’t watch you train day in and day out, your instructor does however.

    It’s something that can help give you the answers you’re looking for and also something that can confuse you and make learning that much more difficult.

    I’ll end up using youtube more to watch actual fights or grappling matches rather then focus on technique instructional.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with instructional vids. I’m just at that level were I don’t need the skills broken down step by step for me.

    For me to learn more often then not I’ve just gotta see the technique being done, in a live action fight is my preferred method.

    Everyone is different and everyone learns in different ways. Some really like having techniques broken down with as much detail as can be.

    They don’t care how long it takes, just be sure to include details details and more details.

    For others, like myself, we lack the patience it takes to sit through a long winded breakdown of each and every little detail associated with whatever skill is being learned.

    I’ve got horrible ADHD so sitting still like that listening isn’t always my best option. People like me tend to learn better from watching or seeing what’s being done.

    They call this being a “visual learner”. I can’t remember what the other types of learning are at this moment but you get the idea.

    As I was writing this blog I started to think what might be even better would be filming a video and posted it for you to watch.

    Let’s stop here and change gears, watch the video below for my take on youtube and how to use it to make yourself better and also the very important part about how not to use it.

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