October 29, 2014

    Usually this time of the year is a bit slow for those of us in the martial arts world. However, not here at Ivey League. We’ve got lots going on that’s for sure.

    Read on and get the “411” on events, tournaments and holiday hours for the very near future.

    First up on the agenda is a big congrats to our newest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) belt promotions! The following students have moved up to the rank of Blue Belt in BJJ:

    Jon Farley
    Joe Mann
    Thor Davis
    Luke Kuklick

    On the left is Joe Mann and on the right is Jon Farley, both brand new BJJ Blue Belts
    On the left is Joe Mann and on the right is Jon Farley, both brand new BJJ Blue Belts

    We couldn’t be more proud of you guys! Earning a blue belt from Coach Danny Ives is anything but easy. Next up on your belt journey is PURPLE!

    Bus Trip to AC This Upcoming Weekend

    If you’re in need for some fun this weekend then we might have something you’d be up for…

    We rented a chartered bus to take us from IL all the way to Atlantic City NJ this weekend, 11/01/14 (Saturday into Sunday morning).

    We’ll be leaving IL at 2:45pm and taking this bus to the Borgata in AC, return time is 5am the next morning.

    You can bring food or drinks on this bus (yes that includes adult beverages) and party it up all the way to and from AC.

    The MMA event we’re going to see is called CFFC Fights. CFFC will be featuring two of my close friends and training partners, Jon Delbrugge and Ron Stallings.

    After the fights wrap up we’ll have the option of remaining at the Borgata for entertainment until it’s time to get back on the bus and head home to Annapolis.

    Be sure to check out the details below if you’d like to come along:

    • You must be 21 years old or older to ride the bus
    • Admission fee which includes bus trip & ticket to fight is $110 per person or $215 for two people
    • Tickets will be sold until no seats are left, first come and pay, first served

    BJJ/Grappling Tournaments Coming Up

    For those of you who compete on the local (and not so local) BJJ/No-Gi Grappling circuit we’ve got the following tournaments coming up:

    • NAGA North Carolina – November 8th
    • NAGA NYC – November 15th
    • Ivey League In-House Tournament – December 13th

    Takedown Seminar & Potluck a Smashing Good Time!

    Also, this past Saturday we hosted a takedown seminar and fall potluck. Both were very successful. Thanks a ton to all our friends, students and family members who joined in on all the fun.

    Seeing so many smiling faces reminded us once again that Ivey League wouldn’t be what it is today if not for our awesome students. You guys rock!

    Okay I think that just about covers it. If we missed anything by all means leave us some feedback below or email/call Ivey League MMA.

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