April 15, 2013

    2013 has no doubt been a huge year for the kids programs here at Ivey League MMA. They’ve had success on all levels. That includes things outside of martial arts like schoolwork and interaction with mom and dad.

    Make no mistake, all this success didn’t happen overnight. That and I assure you it didn’t happen by accident. No not at all. This success has been a few years in the making (4 to be exact).

    Because of this success I’ve been getting nailed with email after email and call after call from other martial arts school owners wanting to know what’s our secret. Secret? I don’t know if I’d say we’ve got a secret.

    We just do a lot of things differently here at Ivey League. No short cuts, no slacking. It’s a lot of hard work on both the kids and instructors parts.

    If we had a secret that I’d have to say it would be the fact that we really do care about the kids. We want them to do big things, both on and off the mats. Big things in the world.

    Many martial arts schools just have kids classes because they thing that’s what they’re supposed to do. You know, just teach some kids classes so that you can make some extra money. That money would go to funding the other programs like training for the UFC and so on.

    You should teach kids martial arts classes because you like teaching kids. And you like/love martial arts. It shouldn’t be about the money.

    Schools like that almost never last. The ones that do have very small kids classes at best.

    I think that for your school to do well with kids and to have them be a success the number one ingredient is caring. You’ve gotta care.

    I could go on and on but I’ll add in one more thing that we do that makes a major difference with our classes and the progress these kids make.

    We’re a planning school. Meaning we plan all the classes out to the “T”. That and we use highly structured curriculum’s for all classes, kid or adult..

    I wrote all of my curriculum’s and I make sure that the staff teaches the techniques and concepts the way I want them taught. Because of that the kids learn faster and they learn the right skills the first time.

    You see, most instructors come up with their daily teaching agenda while driving into work or in the shower. Not us. We have our lesson plans laid out a month or more in advance.

    That’s not planning; that’s functioning! If that’s really all the planning you do then I’m sorry to say but you’ll have lots of ups and downs with your classes.

    Planning is what separates the good schools from the great ones. The great ones have a system for success and they plan well in advance.

    So yea, the curriculum has been a big key to our success.

    Okay I’ve talked enough. If you’d like more information on our classes our have teaching/training questions for me please see the info below. That and check out the videos I posted. I think you’ll like 🙂

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