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October 26, 2015

    Last week I stayed up for half the night just watching UFC Fights. I happen to have a subscription to UFC.TV which comes in handy for just such an accession.

    That site has tons of great fights and if you pay attention to the details you can learn a lot just from watching the great ones do what they do.

    One key detail I noticed in pretty much every fight was this: Ground grappling almost always plays a major role in winning.

    I’m always shocked when I see fighters that have little to no clue of how to defend once on the ground.

    Many times I wouldn’t even see the simple, basic level stuff. Stuff like shrimping back to guard, controlling the inside position or heck even grappling a wrist the right way.

    I’ve been lucky enough to have trained at some of the best MMA programs from around the world.

    In my travels it’s surprising to see how much focus is placed on striking only and how little on ground grappling.

    brazilian gracie jujitsu classes
    Even the most basic of ground grappling skills will go a long way.

    I’ve run into too many pro MMA fighters that don’t even know the basics of how to attack OR defend once the fight hits the mat.

    Okay look here’s what I’m getting at; If you wanna be a world class MMA Fighter, or even a half-way good street fighter, you’ll be needing to…

    1 – Learn the basics of how to defend on the ground from styles like BJJ, Judo or Wrestling.
    2 – Take full advantage of everyone’s lack of ground awareness and learn some basics attacks (or advanced)

    That’s my Monday morning advice to you. Get better at ground fighting so that you’ll end up being a truly complete fighter.

    Below I’ve posted some really cool youtube videos focused on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, check ’em out.

    The first one features few times world BJJ Champion Gilbert Burns.

    The second is a highlight of MMA upstart and son of the most famous Gracie Jiu Jitsu Fighter. His name is Kron Gracue. Check it.

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