takedown classes for mma
May 8, 2014

    Once again we’ll be hosting a takedown seminar at Ivey League MMA. We’re super excited to bring back Navy Wrestling Asst. Coach Danny Song for a second run. Because he did such an amazing job the first time and since all the students love him it made perfect sense to do it again.

    navy wrestling program
    The handsome fellow pictured here is the great Danny Song of Navy Wrestling.

    This seminar will be for students of all levels, including complete beginners. It’s also going to be open to both kids and adults.

    Not sure if this seminar is right for you? Let me assure you, this is 100% worth attending. I feel that everyone should know at least a few good takedowns. Just for basic self defense reasons.

    That and I think learning takedowns can be a lot of fun. So yeah, come on out!

    Below you’ll find all the information needed:

    Wrestling/Takedown Seminar w/ Coach Danny Song
    When: Saturday May 31, 2014
    What Time: 11am-12:30pm
    Investment: $25 For Basic Members, $20 For CAP/BBC
    Gear Needed: T-Shirt & Shorts (You can wear wrestling shoes if you like but it’s not required

    Those who act fast shall be rewarded. Those who RSVP before May 21st will receive a free gift from me (Danny Ives). That gift is a copy of my best selling Butterfly Guard DVD! You can RSVP by emailing us at info@iveyleaguemma.com or by stopping in to speak with a staff member.

    Don’t miss your chance to learn from one of the best in the land! Please RSVP with us sooner rather then later. Just like before, this seminar will sell out! I look forward to seeing everyone there 🙂

    –Master Danny
    P.S. Below I also included three great wrestling videos for you to study. The first video is of Coach Song, the second is an Iowa Wrestling highlight and the third focuses on the Iranian National Wrestling Team.

    Between the three you’re sure to learn a lot. Break out the notebook and get cracking!

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